More Literature Analysis of a Knight of the White Cross

In my last essay I talked about the setting and style of the book assigned for English, so today I’ll be writing about the character development and plot.


The Plot development of A Knight of the White Cross, by G.A. Henty

As I said in my last essay, most of Henty’s books pretty much all have the same base story. A handsome, strong, young man rises in fame and fortune and becomes a hero to the country. They normally end up with the fella’ marrying a gal that he rescued from some terrible thing. In A Knight of the White Cross, a young man named Gervaise joins the Order of St. John, in the magnificent city of Rhodes. He has a good thinking head, as well as being a great warrior at a young age (due to the training he received ever since he was a small child). He is a Page to the Grand Master for 3 years, before becoming a professed knight. Soon after, he was sent on a galley with a bunch of other knights. They encountered 5 or 6 pirate ships that they eventually captured with the help of two other galleys that were also on patrol. While out on the ocean, Gervaise showed himself worthy of being dubbed a real Knight upon their return. In later events, Gervaise did lots of things that earned him great renown including capturing 13 pirate ships and destroying 10 more with only one galley. He was a favorite with the Grand Master and all his fellow knights. He took part in the defense of Rhodes during the famous siege of Rhodes. In the end of the book, he marries a girl from Genoa and lives happily ever after.

Character Development

Really the only characters that develop enough to mention are Gervaise, his best friend Ralph Harcourt, and Lady Claudia (the girl he marries). Gervaise starts out being a 13-year-old boy, working as Page to the Grand master of the Order of St. John. Later on, he becomes a professed knight, then a real knight, the captain of a galley (at the age of 17), a slave (he got captured, but then escapes), and then finally a married man. Sir Ralph Harcourt starts out as a professed knight and becomes a real knight at the same time as Gervaise. He is 1st mate to Gervaise on his galley, and eventually, gets awarded with the command of his own galley. Lady Claudia is first introduced in the book as a serious 14-year-old girl. She isn’t talked about a lot since she lives in a whole different country than Gervaise, but she’s talked about enough to know that as she became a woman, she was the beauty of Genoa, and refused many offers for her hand in marriage. When Gervaise asks her to marry him, she accepts and becomes his wife.



The Theme of Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.


The theme of a book is the message, moral, or main point of the book.  Today I am going to be telling you about the theme of the book Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I hope you enjoy it!

Treasure Island is a pretty cool book by itself, but if you dig a little bit deeper, there is a moral to the story.  Personally, I think that the moral is to be smart with who you hang out with, and before you trust someone with anything important, get to know him or her well first. For instance, in the book, Doctor Livesley entrusted the choosing of the crew of the Hispaniola to Long John Silver, whom he had just met a few days before.  This was a huge mistake, because he went and hired all of his pirate buddies who helped him with the mutiny after they arrived at treasure island.  During the whole thing, before the mutiny Long John acted perfectly normal and good, but when they got onto the island, he became a dangerous person. He actually even murdered a few of the true members of the crew.

That is my take on the theme of Treasure Island. Have you read the book before? What did you think the moral was?  Let me know in the comments box!