The Digestive System

So what would happen if you were a piece of food, and you got chewed up and swallowed?  Where would you go?  Well, first off, you would be in the person’s mouth.  You would get chewed up into a slimy, pasty, mass that would be swallowed.  Then, you go down this long tube called the Esophagus.  After going through the esophagus, you would find yourself in the digestive tract, which, essentially, is all of the organs that help digest food.  Now you are in the stomach. The stomach pours out all of this acid stuff that breaks down food even more.  by this time, the food is just molecules!  After being in the stomach for a few hours, you’d go through an opening called the Pyloric Sphincter.  It gauges how much food goes through it.This way, not too much food, and not too little food goes into the small intestine.  The small intestine is a long, winding, tube that the food molecules go through that absorbs the nutrients from the food.  Small intestines are more than 20 feet long!  Now you travel to the liver, which separates the good stuff from the waste and gross stuff.  It takes the vitamins from the food and puts them in your blood to help your body be healthy.  The Liver makes this stuff called bile also. It flows through the small intestine while you are in it, and helps break down fat and stuff.  The gallbladder keeps all of the extra bile that isn’t being used.  The pancreas is very important also. It makes a liquid that helps break protein and carbohydrates down even further.  Now, you are in the large intestine.  After going through there, you would land in the colon. It is basically the place where the waste separates into solid and liquid.  After that, the solid exits through the rectum. I think that I don’t need to explain that any further. 🙂


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