How Rubber Bands are made

The making of a rubber band starts with a big block of natural rubber. The blocks are made out of the sap or resin from a rubber tree.  Natural rubber has more stretchy-ness than synthetic rubber, so that’s why they use it for rubber-bands.  Rubber processing oil, dye, and a few of the rubber blocks are all stuck in a big mixer/kneader machine, and they get all mixed up into big globs of “rubber dough”.  Then it is put into big rollers that make it into a big sheet.  At this time, sulfur and a few other things that help the rubber be more elasticy are added.  The rubber is then processed into small enough logs to put in the extruder which mixes it with talcum powder, and makes it into a tube, by pumping air into the middle.  Eventually these tubes are put onto long poles that are essentially molds to keep them the right diameter during the curing process.  The talcum powder helps keep the rubber from sticking to the poles.  Then, the poles with the rubber on them are put into a steam oven to cure and become more elastic.  Afterwards, the rubber is taken off of the tubes, rinsed, and then cut into rubber bands.  Now they are ready to be packed up into bags and sold!


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