How Jaw-Breakers are Made

For the middle of the jawbreaker (the gum part): First, synthetic rubber, powdered resin, a thickener, preservative, and an oil are all mixed together.  The mix for a few hours, and then the mixture is poured into a whole bunch of trays to cool.  After it is cooled, it’s put in another mixer, this time with corn syrup, and mixed again.  Then flavoring is added.  Then a bunch of icing sugar is added, to make the gum smooth.  It is then extruded as hollow tubes.  They are then put into a forming machine that makes them into balls. Now they are put into a mixer that looks kind of like a concrete mixer called a coating pan.  They are coated with layer after layer of corn syrup, water, and food coloring, and then dextrose, over and over until they are as big as they are wanted!  The jawbreakers are dusted with carnuba wax to make them shiny, and then they are packaged up and sold.


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