How it’s made: Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is very popular, but it’s made out of plastic, so I don’t chew it very often, but anyways, here is how bubble gum is made.

First, Gum base (which is made out of plastic and rubber) is mixed with coloring, flavoring, glucose syrup and dextrose.  Then, it is extruded in what is called a “pre-extruder” to make it into a manageable size for the real extruder.  Then the bubble gum is extruded into the width of a piece of gum, but a super long log of it. The gum is cooled, and then cut, wrapped, and sold in stores for our enjoyment!



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9 thoughts on “How it’s made: Bubble Gum

  1. My mom found this super good, all natural bubble gum: it’s called Tree Hugger Bubble gum. It doesn’t make bubbles as big as the run-of-the-mill one but it’s way better for you! I also chew Spry gum occasionally.


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