This is so weird.

Did you know that clown fish change genders during their life?  This is what happens (yes, I know that it sounds super creepy and weird, but it happens) all clown fish are born as males, but the most dominant male chases all the other males away. His body goes through this weird thing called “protandry”, where he becomes a female.  Ok, now she lays a bunch of eggs in an anemone and chases a male into the anemone to babysit them.
If the “mom” dies then the male who was babysitting the eggs actually goes through the exact same thing that the first fish went through, and becomes a female, therefore a new “mom” to the eggs. This is super weird!  Tell me in the comments box if you already knew this!


13 thoughts on “This is so weird.

  1. I knew this as well, and I think there is a particular crab that can change its gender too…I forgot its name, I’ll need to look it up.

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