Cinder Cone and Shield Volcanoes

Today I’m going to be telling you about two different types of volcanoes. There are four major kinds; Cinder Cone, Composite, Shield, and Lava Dome, but today I am just going to be telling you about  Cinder cones and Shields. First we will look at Cinder Cones.

Cinder cone volcanoes kind of look like a big pile of sand with a huge hole dug in the middle.  But really, they spew out chunks of lava that break apart and form a ton of cinders.  It kind of gradually builds the volcano up. Here is a picture of a Cinder Cone Volcano.

Image result for cinder cone volcano
Cinder Cone Volcano

Shield volcanoes have lava that is very liquidy, so it flows faster.  Also, there isn’t very much ash and rock in  a shield volcano.  In general, they don’t get super duper tall (the tallest is only 14,177′ above sea level).  Despite not being the tallest volcanoes out there, shield volcanoes are super, super wide (some as much 60 miles wide).


A Shield Volcano



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