Comparing the Writings of Jack London, and G.A. Henty.

Odessa O.                                                                                                                            4-18-2017
Teacher: Bradley Fish Jr.

Today I am going to be comparing the differences between Jack London and G.A. Henty’s styles of writing.

Jack London’s Style.

The setting of  a lot of Jack London’s books are in the Canadian Wilderness, with animals as the main characters. I know that an animal being the main character sounds slightly boring, but London makes it quite interesting actually. Going into the animal’s thoughts, instincts, and troubles, It is almost as interesting as actually having a human as the main character.

Image result for Jack london
Jack London


G.A. Henty’s Style

To tell you the truth, the setting in Henty’s books is all over the place.  He wrote mostly Historical Fiction, so one book is set in Africa, while the next is in Scotland. The plot line is a lot of the same from book to book though. It normally about a teen-aged boy that grows up to be a man, rescues a girl, gets married, and becomes a great leader. (That was super simplified, but the bare bones of the plot of most of his books.)  I like reading Henty’s books, because they teach you history in the form of a fun book!

Image result
G.A. Henty




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