English Lesson 25: Backpacking in a Rainstorm

Today I’m going to be telling you about a storm that I have been in. This particular storm was a rain/hail storm and took place when I was backpacking. So, enjoy!

We (my two brothers, my dad, one of our friends, our grandpa, and I) had hiked about six miles from the trailhead of the beautiful Angel’s  Staircase backpacking trail when we go to our destination; Upper Eagle Lake.  We set up our tents, and my brother decided to go fishing. He left with his fishing pole and tackle and came back with two or three small trout. They made a good supplement to the pasta that we had for dinner.  After hanging out around the fire for a while telling stories and talking, we all crawled into our mummy sleeping bags for a night of sleep.

BZZZZZZZTTTT. I woke up to the sound of the zipper of the tent door opening. There was rain pouring down out of the black night sky hammering on the tent’s dome ceiling. My dad was going outside to dig a small trench around the tent to divert all the water that had been pooling under it.  I shifted from my back to my side and noticed that the floor under me jiggled when I moved. When we set up the tent, on accident we had picked a spot where the water would gather, so with the tent floor on top of it, under where I was laying was like a waterbed. If the water was left like that for very long, it would soak through the floor of the tent, and all of our gear and ourselves would pretty much get soaked to the skin. That wouldn’t be a very fun situation. So, that’s why my dad had to dig a trench around the tent.  I turned over and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to a blue sky with the sun shining. I crawled out of my sleeping bag, stuffed it in my stuff sack and rolled up my sleeping pad.  A while later my dad crawled out of the tent and we had breakfast. After drying out a little bit of the gear that got wet, we packed up and got on the trail!


*I found the picture above on the internet. It’s of Upper Eagle Lake, where we stayed. 🙂




8 thoughts on “English Lesson 25: Backpacking in a Rainstorm

  1. My family does backpacking every year, and I’ve never been in a storm like that. {Thank goodness.} How many times have you been hiking?


    1. That’s really cool!!! I haven’t really kept track of how many backpacking trips I’ve done… What’s your longest one? Mine was 96 miles and 12 days. 🙂 Where is your favorite place to backpack?

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