Lifesaving: Contact Rescues- Unconcious Victim

5 things you need to think about when someone is drowning, and you need to rescue them:

1. Planning and assessment

  • Be quick
  • Are there things that you can use to help the victim get to the shore  (rescue aids) such as a floaty.
  • Are their things in the water that could be hazardous
  • Make sure and put a life jacket on if there is one available

2. Entry and Approach

  • If there is a sandy beach, you can just run into the water, but if it’s a steep slope, o if the water’s murky, just ease into the water
  •  keep eye contact with the  drowning person, and talk to them

3.  Assists

  •  Armpit tow- from behind victim
  • Wrist tow- from the front side
  • Cross Chest tow- for rough water

4. Landing

  • If it’s a sandy slope, you can gently drag the victim out of the water, but if it’s a vertical drop (like in a swimming pool) you might need another person to help you pull the victim up, and  get them out of the water

5. Aftercare

  • Have someone call 911, so that a medical expert can check out the victim that you just dragged out of the water, Even if they look like they’ll be fine, make sure that they get checked out anyway.
  • After so much adrenaline pumping through your body, you need to sit down and let yourself calm down and get back to normal again



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