3 White-Water Safety tips

  1. Wear a life jacket and helmet at all times, and don’t wear super heavy clothes and shoes.

This is just the common-sense thing to do. If you’re going through rapids, and it’s potentially possible that you’ll capsize, you want your head to be protected, and still float.  If you wear really heavy clothes and shoes, then once they get wet, they’re going to drag you down.

    2.  Don’t go alone

If you capsize and can’t get out of the river by yourself, then it is critical to have a partner that can help you get out. Even the most expert kayakers and rafters capsize sometimes.

  3.  Don’t be stupid

There are a lot of bad and dangerous situations that you can avoid by being smart, and not trying to show off, or impress people by doing things that would be really cool if you do it right, but dangerous if you don’t. Also, If you do capsize, don’t panic. Keep your head on straight, and conserve your energy for when you need it.


Chart: Rates of Drowning in Natural Water Settings (Including Boating) by Gender - 1999-2007
This graph is really interesting.  It’s crazy how many more guys drown than girls!



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