4 Ways that I can Challenge Myself this Year

Odessa O
7th Grade

1. Getting Stronger
One way that I can challenge myself is working on getting stronger, in general.  I want to be able to do between 12-15 fully extended pull-ups at a time. Right now I can only do about 7. So, I’ve got quite a ways to go on that challenge!  I want to get stronger all around.

2.  Get Better at Photography
I’m going to challenge myself to take at least 7 pictures that are good enough for my photography blog per week.  This should give me at least a little bit of practice, so I’ll be getting better at photography.

3. Make Meals for my Family more Often
I really like cooking, and I want to do it more often.  (I make dinner about 2 times per week and make oatmeal for breakfast 5 days a week. I also make homemade sourdough bread every day).  I really like making breakfast for dinner, but I need to expand my repertoire to include more hearty meals.

4.  Teach my Little Sisters How to do Things
I have three little sisters ( ages 3, 7, and 10), and I know that I could be a help to my mom, and teach them stuff that she taught me, such as cooking, cleaning, etc.


2 thoughts on “4 Ways that I can Challenge Myself this Year

  1. I love your goals…the way that i make goals a reality in my life is by writing them down. The next step would be to let others see my goals, which you have just done. That way, you know that others know what you are working toward….and you are less likely to give up. Keep up the journey, and you will arrive!


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