Martin Luther: Father of the Reformation

I was born on November 10th, 1483 in Germany.  My name is Martin Luther.  My father Hans was a successful miner, and my mother Magerete was an excellent mother and homemaker.  Father didn’t want me to be a miner. He wanted me to have a better more educated life, so he sent me to school to become a lawyer.  I was only seven years old when I started school.  I went on studying until I was 22.  Then I enrolled in the University of Erfurt, where I studied grammar, logic, rhetoric, metaphysics, etc.  Then, on July 2nd in the year 1505, something happened that changed my life forever.

I was riding my horse back to the University from a visit home when a huge thunderstorm came up on me. A huge lightning bolt hit the ground very close to me.  I was utterly terrified!  I cried out to Saint Anna “Help me! If you get me out of this storm alive, I will become a monk!”.  I was saved from the storm, and so I diligently kept my vow. I sold all of my books and joined the Erfurt Monastery.  I studied the scriptures hard, prayed, fasted, and did confession often, yet I wasn’t happy. It was almost like a time of disconnection from God.

In 1511, I transferred from the Erfurt Monastery to one in Wittenberg. I earned my doctor of theology degree!  Then, I got the position of Professor of Biblical Theology at the new University of Wittenberg.  In 1513, I started giving lectures on the Psalms. I started to realize that it wasn’t by good works that you gained salvation. It was by faith in Jesus Christ!  I was stoked!

In 1517, Pope Leo started building another cathedral.  He ran out of funding and so he invented these things called Indulgences. They were little pieces of paper that were supposed to forgive all of the person’s past sins.  (A total scam) The Pope sold these to raise money for the cathedral.  Because of my new discovery about salvation, I knew that this was wrong. God is the only one that can forgive sins.  I started to work on a piece of writing that I called The 95 Theses.  It was basically 95 different disagreements that I have with the Catholic church, (including the topic of indulgences)  that I would debate anyone on.  I nailed this paper on the door of the Church of Wittenberg on October 31st, 1517.

Pope Leo told me to recant, but I was prepared for this. I said that I wouldn’t recant my writing unless someone could prove from the scriptures that I was wrong.  Of course, no one could, so the Pope excommunicated me, banned my writings, and named me a heretic.  Some of my friends “kidnapped” me, and took me to a castle where I could keep writing in peace. Actually, I was working on translating the new testament into German so the common people could read the words of God too! I stayed in hiding for a few years, but when the public finally got over their outrage, I came out of hiding and was able to continue teaching at the Wittenberg University.  I also got married to a beautiful woman named Katharina von Bora.  We have 6 children.  Their names are Magdalena, Margarete, Paul, Elisabeth, Hans, and Martin. 

I am an old man now, and Lord-Willing, I’ll be able to keep on writing and teaching until I die. I place my life in his hands.  As I always say, “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”



2 thoughts on “Martin Luther: Father of the Reformation

  1. I love how you wrote in first person. It made it much more engaging reading! I have always wanted to learn more about Martin Luther’s wife…do you know anything about her?


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