What I would Like My life to Look Like in 10 Years.


In ten years, I’ll be 23.  I want to finish middle and high school (homeschooling, of course), but while I’m in high school, I’ll probably take a few classes at the high school. (My brothers did welding, wood-shop, auto mechanics, and physics, but I don’t know which ones I’ll do)  When I’m 15 1/2, I’ll take driver’s ED, and then once I’m 16, I’ll buy a car (or a truck).  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make money yet, but possibly teaching violin.  Hopefully, I’ll be married by the time I’m like 23, and after that, I would like to be a stay-at-home mom.



8 thoughts on “What I would Like My life to Look Like in 10 Years.

      1. I plan on writing all sorts of fiction:
        Historical fiction
        Realistic fantasy
        all the great stuff!
        I have a YT channel called Candy Pencil. I have a baking tutorial for apple crisp on it which you might want to check out (Your brothers will love you if you make it XD)


      2. I like baking better too! 🙂 Yeah I would love your recipe! (Could you give me your email address on the forums or something?) 🙂 I’m gonna be gone on a trip for a week, so I mo=ight not be able to reply…

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