My You tube Channel (so far)

OK, so lately in my 8th grade science class, I’ve been learning about you tube, and how to make a  successful channel.  So I’ll tell you what I’ve done so far.

The first lesson this week was about figuring out a good name for my channel.  I thought of lots of different names, but I couldn’t seem to think of a good one that fit my channel, and what I’m going to be putting on there. For now I’m calling it “Odessa’s Adventures”.

The second lesson was about making a banner for the top of the channel page.  So, I made a header image with one of the pictures I had took with my camera.

The third lesson was on the channel Icon.  I changed this a lot, like with pictures of me, but finally I decided on this picture:

Odessa's Adventures
My You-Tube Channel Icon

The fourth lesson was about the “about”page.  So, I just wrote down a few of the things that I’ll be posting, what my name was etc.

The fifth lesson was to write this, so I guess I’m done with science for the day!  BTW, I’ll post the link to my you-tube channel once it’s up n’ running




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