3 Things that You Can Do With Recycled Stuff

1.You know when business’s go out of business?  Sometimes their stores have those big letters on them (like, as part of their sign).  If you can get them, you could either get one that is your initial, or get some that spell a word.  One of my friend’s mom got a bunch of the letters and wrote “Blessings” on her wall, and then put some pictures of her kids on the same wall.  It is really cool. 🙂  Here is an example:Image result for signs off of stores

2. If you ever have a world globe to throw away, don’t do it! Use a utility knife and cut it in half.  You can set this on your coffee table or counter and use it as a fruit bowl!  It looks really cool!

3. At thrift stores, there is always tons of baskets.  You can use them for organization, decoration, etc.





29 thoughts on “3 Things that You Can Do With Recycled Stuff

  1. Hey…don’t get me started on recycling…I get a little miffed at all the ‘stuff’ that people call recycling and yet don’t realise all the stuff that theyre doing that people even 50 years ago would’ve never done that is so wasteful. Grin…

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      1. 129. What grade are you in? I do 8th grade science, 7th grade history, 6th grade English ( I do a different grammer curriculum, so I just do the reading part for RPC), and 7th grade math (not RPC). Kinda confusing! 🙂 😉



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