My greek myth.

Okay, I am not a Greek, so it’ll be kind of hard to write a Greek myth, but that is my English assignment, so I’ll do my best.

Once upon a time, a man named Alexander was traveling around the country-side in Greece.  One day as he was walking along, it was getting dark, and he hadn’t found a place to stay the night yet.  He had heard stories about the great Cyclops that was in this area, but he just kept on walking.  The roads were deserted because the people were scared that the Cyclops would come eat them if they weren’t in their houses.

You see, it would come out when it was dark, eat anyone that he could find, and then return high up in the mountain where he lived in a cave.  He was at least ten feet taller than any of the men, had one eye, and if he couldn’t find anyone outside, he would go to the sheepfold, and eat every last one of the sheep.  Anyway, Alexander kept walking.  He walked for another hour or two, and then he heard a noise coming down from the mountain that the road was near.  It was a terrific crashing, stomping, and grunting noise.  “uh oh” he thought “this must be the terror of the land coming down from his hole in the mountain.”

He started running as fast as he could, but once the cyclops saw him, he started running too.  Since he had so much longer legs, he caught up easily and grabbed the man.  The cyclops threw him into a huge leather pouch that was hanging from his neck.  He sat in there for some time, and then he had an idea.

Alexander grabbed his dagger and bored a small peek-hole in the leather pouch so he could see where he was.  He looked out, and then realized that the bag he was in was around the cyclops’ neck.  He bored another hole on the other side of the pouch where he could see the cyclops’ body.  He heard a thumping noise, and realized that right on the other side of the leather pouch was the Cyclops’ heart!  He made a bigger peephole.  Then he shoved his dagger into the cyclops’ heart as far as he could. 

All of a sudden, the Cyclops fell over on his face.  Alexander thought that he would suffocate, but the cyclops rolled over onto his back and then died.  He climbed out of the pouch, and walked to the nearest village.  Nobody believed that he had really killed the cyclops, but when he took them to the place where he killed it, and they saw the cyclops dead, everyone had a big feast and rejoiced for many days.



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