Hi Everyone!

I guys!                                                                                                                            8-23-2016

I will be starting school again in a week and then I’ll be posting essays regularly. I just looked at my last post and realized that I haven’t posted since May!  Wow!  The summer just flew by!

Well anyway, one of my favorite things that I did this summer was backpack all the way around Mount Rainer (96 miles) with my dad, my two brothers, and one of our friends.  The picture up above is of us at reflection lakes. The mountain in the background is Mount Rainer.  From left to right: My brother Justice, Me, my dad, our friend Sterling, and then kind of up to the far right is my other brother Butch.  The trip was 11 nights long.  The longest day that we hiked was 16 miles!  My feet were really sore once we got to camp!  This year I got a backpacking hammock. I love it because it is really comfortable (you never have to fight with rocks and roots that are under you) and because it has a mosquito net and rain tarp that keeps me dry and comfy!   One bad thing about it though is that only one person can fit in it, so you cant hang out in it and talk or play games like you can in a tent.  We saw lots of marmots, deer, mountain goats, and even a black bear!  The weather was great all except for like 3 or 4 of the days.  I had so much fun!! Once we got off the trail we head to a near by Pizza Hut and the five of us ate three large pizzas in about 20-30 minutes!

If you have ever been backpacking tell me in the comments box!  Also, tell me your favorite thing that you did this summer!




28 thoughts on “Hi Everyone!

  1. This summer I went to my grandparents ranch in ND, then went to Yellowstone in WY, saw my Great-grandparents in WY, went to a family reunin there, then drove back to ND where my dad was at the air port waiting, then flew back to D.C, then drove to our home in WV. We drove the whole way exept when we flew back home. P.S here’s the link to my blog, http:// theinspiredpage.wordpress.com

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  2. this sounded like a lot of fun! I went on a hike this year at the camp I went too! I made it to the top of the mountain! it was a lot of fun!!!it was a lot of fun! my favorite part of my summer thou was going to cedar point! I had a blast:)


      1. Hey Grace!
        Do you still do RPC???
        We are doing an election for chairman of the discussion forum. We need more voters!!! The two candidates are Myriam and Korbin. If you are doing RPC, you should come vote!


      2. hey Odessa!
        yes I still do the RPC. where is the vote at? if its on the forums I wouldn’t know cuz I don’t go on thereXDlol but if you tell me where its at I can vote for him:)


  3. I love your blog because I get to hear about things that I wouldn’t get to know about otherwise. I knew you had gone on the trip but I didn’t hear any of the details. Now I know some of them! I think the best part of this essay was the part about going to pizza at the end!


  4. Hey Odessa! That sounds awesome! I’ve never actually been backpacking, but I’ve been day-hiking! And I loooove camping! Btw, that hammock thing you were talking about? My brother got one too! Just like yours, it was his birthdays present and he adores it. XD Sweet pic too, that snowy mountian and everything, lol. Which 2 of them are your brothers? I camped at the lake this summer for 4th of July, stayed at my grandma’s house and volunteered at the library, I had fun! 🙂


  5. Sounds like an epic trek. I backpacked through a dense forest in Kodiak Island, Alaska a couple of years ago. Moss was so thick you could roll it up with two hands and use it for bedding and insulation for the shelter. We saw a massive kodiak brown bear. It got really close. When it looked at you it was like staring at death. 🙂 This year I went hiking in the Shenandoah. Saw a 90 foot water fall. No good bear sightings. 😦


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