The Battle of Stamford Bridge

The battle of Stamford Bridge was fought because Edward the confessor (king of England) died without leaving a clear heir to the throne.  The people of England elected Harold Godwinson to be their king, but there was a lot of other men that thought that they were the rightful king.  Harald Hardrada, king of the Vikings was one of these men.  He was killed in this battle.

This is a journal entry I wrote in the perspective of an English soldier who fought in the battle of Stamford bridge.  This is a very important battle, because it was the one that ended the Viking age. (793-1066)

September 25, 1066

Today we fought the Norwegians and their king Harald Hardrada near Stamford bridge.  We caught them by surprise, so most of them didn’t have any armor on.  It was a hard, bloody, battle, and we couldn’t seem to beat them.  They are Vikings you know; fierce warriors.  Then, suddenly someone shouted “the king is dead”.  My heart jumped because I thought that it was our king (Harold Godwinson) that was killed.  Then I pushed my way through the mob of soldiers, to where our king was.  Thank God! It wasn’t him, it was the Viking king!  One of the other leaders of the Vikings tried to organize the men, but they were losing their courage.  They turned and fled!  We chased them all the way back to their ships!  We returned to our camp and rested.  It had been a tough battle.  It turns out that the Viking’s king was shot with and arrow in his neck.  We won the battle and defeated those ferocious Vikings!





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