How Salt is Harvested

1. Salty ocean water is captured in huge ponds.

2. Then it is pumped into what are called “Concentrators”

3. The sun and wind evaporate a lot of the water.  This leaves behind a very salty brine.

4.It is pumped from concentrator to concentrator, mixing with the other batches of brine.

5. It sits out in the sun and wind for 3-5 years, until it gets enough salinity

6.Now it goes to the crystallizers where it finishes evaporation.

7.  It is harvesting time now!  A grater goes and breaks up the top surface, and then the harvesting machine comes and fills large trucks with tons of salt

8. Now the salt is washed a few times and then piled up into huge piles

9. It will now be taken away for culinary purposes and for different salt products









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