Different Races in Okanogan County (where I live)

I live in Okanogan county, Washington.  There are a lot of different races of people around here, but white people are still the majority (73%).

Race Population % of Total
Total Population 41,120 100
White 30,399 73
Hispanic or Latino 7,227 17
American Indian 4,675 11
Some Other Race 4,163 10
Two or More Races 1,456 3
Asian 237 Below 1%
Black or African American 159 Below 1%

As you can see on this statistics chart, Hispanics and Latinos are the second most populous group, with 17% of the population.

Okanogan county has part of the Colville Indian reservation on it, so American Indians are the third to largest part of the population. (11%)

The fourth largest population group are just miscellaneous races (probably English, Italian, French, Russian, etc.).

The last three groups are: Two or more races (3%), Asians (not even 1%), and Blacks, or African Americans (below 1%)


Suburban Stats




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