Erik the Red, Leif the Lucky, and Viking Explorations

The Vikings were a Germanic people that are often classified as uncivilized barbarians.  They really weren’t though.  They were actually quite civilized.

Vikings could choose from a number of different trades.  A few that you could pick from was being a metal worker, jeweler, farmer, and of course a raider that would go out sometimes to raid villages and farms to get wealth and bring it back to your house in your village.

Two of the most famous of all the Vikings are Erik the Red, and Leif the Lucky.
Erik the Red was born in Norway.  His father whose name was Thorvald Asvaldsson was involved in a feud, killed a man, and was banished from Norway.  They then moved to Iceland.  Erik grew up, got married, had some kids, but followed a little bit too closely in his father’s footsteps.  He also got involved in a feud.  He ended up killing two of his enemy’s sons, and consequently was banished for three years from Iceland. While he was banished from Iceland, he decided to go exploring.  This was when he discovered Greenland.  He established two colonies there.

One of his sons, Leif Erikson (also known as Leif the Lucky), made a voyage to Norway and there converted to Catholicism.  He even brought back a priest to be a missionary to Iceland.  Erik was not happy about it, and he stayed pagan.  Leif’s mother excepted it though.  Leif took another voyage, and discovered Vinland.  Nobody knows exactly where Vinland was, but we think it was an Island near Newfoundland.  Did you know that Leif the Lucky beat Christopher Columbus to North America by about 500 years!




9 thoughts on “Erik the Red, Leif the Lucky, and Viking Explorations

  1. i love Viking information. Whenever i can I watch documentaries about Vikings. And I love to read about Viking hoards and how they get found. Good essay, Dess. Seeing as how you probably have some Viking blood yourself, it is kind of like studying family history!


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