The Flu Virus: How it Works

  1.  You inhale the virus
  2.  Virus makes its way into the lungs and finds a host cell
  3.  Virus uses a glue substance called “Hemagglutinin” to latch on to the cell’s outer wall
  4.  Begins process called “Endocytosis” which makes the cell’s outer wall start to give way and let the virus in
  5. Once the virus is in the cell, your immune system can’t really find it to destroy it, so the cell try’s to wrap it up in a coat sort of thing that keeps it from getting out and messing up the cell, but the flu virus is so strong that it gets through the coat and multiplies in the cell.
  6. The virus eventually destroys the cell, and then all the babies of the first virus go and find different cells to kill
  7. You are sick now 😦

You start getting flu symptoms about three days after the virus first enters your body.


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