If I Traveled Around the World I Would…

If I traveled all around the world, one of the cities I would visit would be Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is in Israel, which is in the middle east. I would want to visit this city because of its history.  It was the ancient Israelite’s capital city for quite some time, and it also was where Solomon’s famous temple was built.  The temple isn’t there anymore, but part of the old city of Jerusalem is.

Another place I would visit is Italy.  Italy has great food, cities, architecture, and it even has the colosseum in it.  That would be really cool to see.

I would also visit Washington DC.  I’d go to the Smithsonian museums, and see the Washington monument, white house, and the other cool stuff in DC.

I don’t know why, but it would be cool to go to Antarctica.  Actually, I guess I do.  I could see polar bears, penguins, and other sea creatures in real life.

It would also be cool to go to Africa, India, China, and Japan.  I want to find out wat real Chinese food tastes like!

Where would you want to go if you went all around the world?  Tell me in the comment’s box!




2 thoughts on “If I Traveled Around the World I Would…

  1. When Grandpa and I first got married we thought we would visit Europe but we never got to go. If I could travel now, I would first like to go to North Carolina to visit my ancestor’s home which is still there. Then I would like to go to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone and to Scotland to see a Highlands Games Festival. I would love to go to London to have tea with the Queen, of course, and then to Japan to have their tea ceremony. Then I would come home and rest up!


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