The Importance of Understanding Other Religions

It is very important to understand the other religions in the world, because when you are talking to someone about your beliefs, you should know the back ground of his or her religion.

The largest religion in the world is Christianity.  The second largest is Islam.
Even if you are not a Muslim, you should learn at least the basics of Islam. I am definitely not a Muslim, and I am not saying that you should be a Muslim, it is just that so much of the world news has something to do with countries that are Islamic and you should know where those countries are coming from with their policies, moral standards, etc.



11 thoughts on “The Importance of Understanding Other Religions

  1. Good essay, OD! I’ve taken a class in college on different religions and visited some other churches. One thing I learned is that Catholics have very long weddings!


      1. I am a Christian too. 🙂 I just wonder why your teacher had you write an essay about the importance of Islam, instead of just the importance of understanding all religions in general. That’s odd, but I’m sure he has his reasons… 🙂


      2. Well, I guess I got my assignment wrong. I just checked again and it said to write an essay about why it is important to study Islam and other religions, even if you are not Muslim. Oops, I’ll go and fix that! Thanks Kass! 😀

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