Cacao Bean Fermentation

Cacao beans are the thing that chocolate is made out of, but to make chocolate, you have to ferment the beans. It goes like this:

Step 1.  Harvest the cacao pods from of the tree and hit them with a wooden club to break them in half.  Now you need to get the beans out from inside the pod.

Step 2. To begin the next step (fermentation) you put the cacao beans and pulp into a very large container.  The sun starts to break the pulp down and the beans start to ferment.  This step takes about 3-5 days depending on what type of bean it is.

Step 3. This next step is the drying of the beans. There is two different ways; sun drying and artificial drying.  When the cacao farmers dry their beans artificially, it means they use artificial lighting.  When the sun dry them, they use the sun’s light.


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