Dark Chocolate

The Ancient Aztec people from south America used cacao beans in their everyday life.  You might not realize it, but every time you eat a Hershey’s chocolate bar, you are eating part of a cacao bean!  Dark chocolate comes from the cacao bean pod.  The pod has seeds inside of it.  That is what Chocolate is made out of.   By the way, the first chocolate bar was made in 1879 by a man named Daniel Peter.

Cacao Beans With The Seeds Still Inside

The health benefits of eating dark chocolate (this is the type that is most concentrated with cacao) are outstanding.  One of the chemical compounds that dark chocolate contains is called epicatechin. This reduces the risk of brain damage after a stroke.  When you have a stroke, the blood that would be going to you your brain is blocked, thus making it impossible for oxygen and nutrients to get to it.  This makes your brain cells start to die.  What epicatechin does, is makes those brain cells not die, so you don’t get close to as much brain damage!



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