Creative Writing of the Life After The Re-Capture of Rebu (English lesson 56)

Amuba is now king of Rebu.  Mysa, who had come all the long way from Egypt with him, Jethro, Chebron and Ruth, is his wife and queen.  Chebron and Ruth got married the same day as Amuba and Mysa.  It was a beautiful day for  Amuba.  His dream of returning to his home land had come true.  Not by any means easily, but that didn’t matter.  He was home.  That was all that mattered.  Jethro is now the general of Amuba’s army and Chebron his chief adviser.

The first few months after the re-capture of the city were pretty uneventful, but then something major happened.  It was good news throughout the whole kingdom, but specially to Mysa and Amuba.  The were going to have a baby!  In six months a beautiful baby girl was born.  They named her Marissa, Rissa for short. She looked like a carbon copy  of Mysa.  Dark skin, brown eyes, and brown hair.  She was a very healthy, happy baby, and as she grew older, she became quite the prankster.

One of her favorite things to do was to go out into the city on her father’s shoulders.  It seemed to her that she could see the whole city from way up there!  She also liked to play with her mother and her Aunt Ruth.

When Marissa was six years old, she became a big sister to two little twin boys named Jethro, and Moses. Jethro was named after a man who had been Amuba’s faithful body guard when he was a boy, and then when his father died in battle, Jethro watched out for him with enough love and care for a hundred boys.  Moses was named after the man that saved Amuba’s life when he was in Egypt.

Life in Rebu was quiet and peaceful for the rest of Amuba and Mysa’s life.  When Amuba died many years later, his son Jethro became the king.  He was as well loved as his father was, and he ruled well for many years.



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