Clovis The Great (History L 20)

When he was only 15, a man named Clovis (later to be known as Clovis the great) became king of the Merovingian tribe of Gauls.  At this time, Rome still had control over Gaul and Clovis would be the one to throw off the cloak of Rome’s of unwanted presence.

Clovis was born in Marne, Loire-Atlantique, Pays De La Loire, France,  on December 24, 466 AD.   He became king of a tribe called Merovingian at the age of only fifteen.  Despite his young age, Clovis was a very powerful and strong ruler.  In 486, he had a battle with the Romans, who underestimated him, and he won the battle and the Romans started to lose control of Gaul.

Following this great victory, Clovis went ahead and expanded his territory.  By 501,  he had all of the Frankish tribes, and all of Gaul united in to one territory.  It eventually became known as France, due to all the Frankish tribes  that Clovis conquered.

Clovis’ wife Clotilde was a Catholic.  She tried in vain for many years to convert Clovis from his pagan religion to Catholicism.  Then, one day when Clovis was fighting a battle that was losing sorely, so he cried out to God for help.  He said that if he won the battle, he would become a Catholic like his wife.  The tables turned and Clovis won the battle.  He was baptized on December 25, 496 ad.

Clovis died somewhere between 511 and 513 AD.  Nobody is quite sure exactly when he died, but we know where he was buried. Originally he was buried in the church of Saint Genevieve, but his remains were re-located to the Saint Denis Basilica (Clovis).



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