Lavender is one of the 39 known genus in the mint family.  It is more like a small bush than a normal flower plant, but it does have flowers.  They are purple, and the stem and leaves are green (Wikipedia).

Lavender smells amazing.  We used to have a lavender farm, but we moved to a different house and couldn’t bring our field of lavender with us (obviously), so we dug up about forty of our plants and took to our new house and planted them.

One thing lavender is good for is to dry out and put in little sachet (pronounced sashay) bags.  You can put these in dresser drawers or pillowcases to make them smell good.   Another thing you can do is to use lavender in cooking.  There are certain variety’s that are for culinary purposes.  Lemonade with lavender in it is good, and also lavender lemon shortbread is delicious!

This was for my 6th grade science class lesson 41.




Wikipedia. “Lavendula.” Wikipedia. Wikipedia, n.d. Web. <;.



6 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. You had a lavender farm? How awesome is that! I’m sure it smelled so fragrant and yummy! One day I will find my way to a lavender farm and experience the wonderful smells! A friend of mine lives in the “Lavender City” located in Sequim, Washington. Maybe she has some lavender farms near her!

    What did you do with the lavender that you grew?


    BTW: I had no idea that lavender was a part of the mint family, so thanks for sharing!


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