When you think about roses, you probably can’t even count how many different kinds there are.  There are yellow roses, purple roses,white roses, red roses, pink roses, orange roses, and even mixed color roses.  There are wild roses and domestic roses.  I personally like domesticated roses the best because they are prettier.

Roses are perennials.  In other words, they don’t die in the winter.  Certain colors of roses stand for different things.  For example, yellow roses are for friendship, red roses are for love, white roses are fore purity, and pink roses are for gratitude.  My favorite color is pink, so pink roses are my favorite.

One of the types of roses that flourish where I live (Washington) are called Nootka roses.  They are light pink and very delicate.  They are not very good for bouquets, because they are so delicate that the petals fall off pretty easily.   But they are beautiful (rose).



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One thought on “Roses

  1. What a good article! I really never thought about how many different kinds of roses there are and you made me think of that. I LOVE roses! My garden roses are beginning to form buds and I can hardly wait for them to bloom. My favorite kind are the ones that smell goooooood!


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