First half of The Cat of Bubastes Book Report

The main characters in this book are Amuba, who is the son of the Rebu King, and Jethro who is Amuba’s body guard, and a boy named Chebron.  So  the first thing that happens in this book is a battle between the Egyptians and a people who live on the coast of the Caspian sea called the Rebu people.  The Egyptians came a long ways to get the Rebu’s land and wealth because the king of Egypt, whose name was Thutmose had tried to conquer them earlier and not been able to.  The wanted to prove that they were the stronger ones.  Anyway, after a furious fight, the King of Rebu is killed, and his army is forced to retreat into the city walls.

The Egyptians end up burrowing through the walls, capturing the city, and forcing about 50 people to come back with them to Egypt to be slaves.  Amuba and Jethro are among them. After a long tedious journey back to Egypt, Amuba and Jethro get chosen to serve the High Priest of Osiris.

The High Priest’s name is Ameres, and he is very kind.  He has 2 children; Chebron who is about the  same age as Amuba, and a daughter named Mysa who was about twelve.  Instead of Jethro and Amuba being treated as slaves, they were treated ,more as friends.  Jethro went with Mysa on walks and outings to protect here and take care of her and Amuba was Chebron’s friend and play mate.

Chebron, Jethro, and Amuba went on a big hunting and fishing expedition down the Nile.  One day when they were hunting Hippopotami, they heard a scream. Chebron and Amuba ran to were it came from, and saw a crocodile carrying off a girl. They wounded the crocodile who dropped the girl and swam off.  They took the girl to her house in the nearby village.  She lived with her very old great grandfather.  About a month later,  her grandfather died and she went and lived with Chebron’s family.

In Egypt, certain animals were very sacred, so if you killed one, even on accident, you would be seen as a criminal, and probably killed by mobs of angry people.  One of these sacred animals was a cat.

One day Chebron and Amuba saw a hawk taking away a pet cat of Mysa’s.  This cat was very important, because it had been chosen as the cat to replace one that had died at a temple.  Anyway, Amuba shot the hawk down with his bow and arrow, but when Chebron shot his arrow, it glanced off of a tree and shot into the cat house and killed the cat that was to go to the temple of Bubastes the next day.  Amuba dug a hole and buried the cat.  Then Chebron went to tell his father what he had done.   Chebron was very scared because once the people of Egypt found out what he had done, he would be considered to have committed one of the worst crimes in Egypt.  His family would be looked down on, and he would probably be put to death.

Well, that is all I have to tell you about the first half of the book.  Sorry it’s kinda a cliff hanger ending.





2 thoughts on “First half of The Cat of Bubastes Book Report

  1. Nice re-telling! I would be mad for that cliffhanger ending if I hadn’t already listened to it myself! I am impressed with how much your writing skills are improving. GOOD WORK!


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