Comparison Between China and Japan (History Lesson 10)

Japan is a country that most people think is almost the same as China.  I want to see if that is correct.

Let’s compare a few things.

China’s geography varies quite a bit.  From the famous Himalayan mountain range, to the Gobi desert and its many river valleys and large coastline.

Japan has a lot of Island  (6,852 to be precise), but only about 430 of them are inhabited.  Since Japan has so many islands, tsunamis are a big threat.   Japan also has a famous geographical feature, it is called Mount Fuji.

China’s main religion is Buddhism, but there are quite a few other religions practiced  (Taoism, Confucianism etc.).

China doesn’t have an Emperor any more, but Japan still does.  His name is Akihito.

Japanese people eat a lot of sushi , rice, soup and stuff like that.

Some of the Chinese food staples are rice, noodles , vegetables, soy beans, and wheat.

Well, in some ways these two countries are alike, but not in others.  I guess that not everything can be the same, because then the world would be pretty boring.




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4 thoughts on “Comparison Between China and Japan (History Lesson 10)

  1. Hi Odessa!
    I like your essay, I didn’t know that people still worshiped so many gods. since I’m Catholic, I only worship the one true God. If I had to worship so many gods, it would take a long time to get all of their names right.:)
    keep up the good work!


  2. I agree! if everything was the same, the world would be kinda boring! 🙂 I have always thought, for some reason, that Japan and China were almost the same things. You have proved me wrong! Thank you for setting my mind straight. Great job on your essay!


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