My Favorite Thing To Do In My Free Time. (English Assignment)

My favorite thing to do in my free time is to go to the park with friends and family to play capture the flag and steal the bacon.

Steal the bacon is a pretty simple game.  Lets say you have 10 people that want to play.  First you have to set the boundaries up, so you make two lines about 20 feet away from each other.  In the middle of the two lines, you put the “bacon” (a ball or stick or whatever you have).  Now that you are done with that, you have to divide the teams.  Each person is a number, but one other person that is about the same speed  as them has the same number too.  They will be on opposite teams  So,  for 10 people there will be numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  On each side/line that is 20 feet apart, one person of each number stands.  So, there is numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on each side.  There is always one person called the “caller”, and when they call a number, the two people on opposite sides with that number go and try to grab the “bacon” and get it back to their line without the other person tagging them. Either of you can grab it, but if you grab it and then your opponent tags you, then you put the bacon back in the middle and the caller calls a different number.  If you get the bacon to your side before your opponent tags you, then your team gets one point.  The first  team to get 10 points wins.  I have played this game with 40 people before, but it is better when you only have 10-15 players.

When you play capture the flag, you divide a field or small park in half. Each team of people (there should be the same amount on each team) gets one of the sides.  Near the end of each side, you put a flag (or anything, really), with a 5′ border around each of them.  People from each opposing side try to get into the other team’s little circle around the flag without people from the opposing side tagging them.  Once you get in the circle,  you are safe.  Then, you have to try to run the flag back to your side of the field without anybody from the other team tagging you.  If they do, the flag goes back in the little circle and you have to go to jail ( a tree, or object that is about 20 feet away from the flag.  to get out, one of your teammates has to come and tag you.  Whichever team gets the flag to their side first wins the game.




11 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing To Do In My Free Time. (English Assignment)

  1. We use to play capture the flag with our neighborhood before we moved! It was so fun! We also loved to play Wave and Stuck In The Mud. I’ll explain:

    Wave is hide and go seek with a tweak to make it more fun. You still have the seeker and the fellow players run off to go hide. When the seeker finds one of the players, the other players that are still hiding can wave at the prisoner that the seeker found. If the prisoner sees a wave of a hand, they can have 30 seconds to run and go hide again. Although, try to make it so the seeker can’t see you run off. It can go on forever unless your seeker is SUPER good and no prisoners see a wave… which that doesn’t really happen. So just end the game whenever you like.

    Stuck in the mud is the same thing as Freeze tag (Tag a person and they freeze) with a little tweak that is fun and makes everyone laugh. When you get frozen (Tagged) you have to spread your legs out. Your fellow players have to crawl under to unfreeze you, so you can continue on with the game. It is really fun also.


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