The Arkansas Traveler

There was a stranger that was traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas.  The dirt road he was driving on was pretty twisty and full of holes and the plants had kinda grow over it, so he was wondering if he was on the wrong road.  He decided to go a little bit further, and  that was when he came into a clearing, where there was a little old cabin with an old man sitting on the porch playing his banjo.  He stopped playing and the traveler said:

“Howdy stranger”

“Howdy to you”

“Does this road go to Little Rock?”

“Well, I’ve been sittin’ here all day and I aint seen it go nowhere”

“No, I mean can I take this road to Little rock?”

“Well, I reckon you could, but they’ve got a lot of roads there all ready.”

“Let me ask you, what is the quickest way to get to Little Rock?”

“Well, are you walkin’, or are you drivin’?”

“Oh, I’m driving.”

“Well, that’s the quickest way.”

“You’re not to far from fool are you?”

“Nope, just this-here banjo between us.”

“I mean, you’re not very smart are you?”

“I reckon not, but I aint lost!”

“Your corn looks awful little and yellow.”

“Well, I planted the little yellow kind!”

“How did your potatoes turn out?”

“Well, they didn’t turn out at all, I had to dig them out!”

“Have you lived here all your life?”

“Not yet!”

“What do you do for a living?”

“Well, I’ve been a human cannonball at the circus for 35 years.”

“That’s a long time, why don’t you retire?”

“Well, I’d like to but the circus owner said that he can’t find another man of my caliber.”

“I thought you told me this mud hole wasn’t deep!”

“Well, it only came up to here on my ducks!”

“I’m on my way to a poker game at the zoo, want to come?”

“Nope, there’s to many cheetahs there!”

“Can’t you see that your roof is leaking?  Why don’t you fix it?

“Well, right now its rainin’ too hard, and when the suns shinin, it don’t leak!”



This is a funny dialogue that has been around for a long time. 🙂



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