How I Could Exercise Leadership In My Life (Academic Boot Camp Lesson 25)


This post is going to be about where in my life I could exercise leadership.

One thing that I could do is to teach some of my friends how to cook.Cooking is really important, ’cause if you don’t know how to cook, then you’ll probably get overweight from eating to many instant meals. Mac n’ cheese, cold cereal, fast food etc.

Nowadays, people don’t cook all the time.  According to the Huffington Post, 28% of Americans don’t know how to cook.  Some of the major excuses were “I don’t want to have to clean up afterwards” and “I don’t have time”. (If you want to read it yourself, I’ll put the link at the bottom of the page)

Do you ever wonder how so many fast food restaurants can stay in business in America? It is because more than a million people every day in America alone , decide that the don’t want to take care of their bodies and cook, so they go and eat at a fast food restaurant.

This is how I could exercise leadership.

I have been in the kitchen with my Mama cooking ever since I was like two or three years old. She taught me how to cook and bake.  I can pass that skill along to other girls my age and younger.

Do you know how to cook?  What is your favorite thing to cook?  Tell me in the comment’s box!








27 thoughts on “How I Could Exercise Leadership In My Life (Academic Boot Camp Lesson 25)

  1. Hi Odessa!
    I read your essay and I thing its really cool!
    I can cook and I love to cook. my favorite thing to cook is deserts of all kinds.
    (P.S. is the picture on the top you and your Friends cooking?)


  2. I really enjoyed this essay! Cooking is one of the most important things that you can learn or teach somebody in life! Starting young will give you such a leg up when you’re older. I’m a baker and a decorator (at a bakery that actually won cupcake wars twice!) so I can really appreciate food. Especially home-cooked food!

    One constructive criticism that I have for you would to be to try and write more in a paragraph based format/style. It is absolutely fine if a paragraph is only a few short sentences, or if you have one line by itself here and there, but all of the separation here was a bit much.

    When you write about something you’re passionate about, it really comes through in your words, and your tone! I felt your love for cooking when I read this – it is an amazing quality for writers to capture! Keep it up, girl! You are going places!

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  3. Odessa, I loved your paper. It was so true and I just agree that I am one of those who are lousy cooks. Sometimes I like to cook but most of the time I just wish someone else would cook for me. I would rather play my banjo than cook and consequently – I am overweight! So I am trying harder to eat better at home. Maybe sometime we can cook together, ok? I thought of another way you can show leadership, too. You have 3 little sisters who you are teaching all the time whether you know it or not. You are teaching them how to love, how to be patient, and how to be a bigger girl when they get to your age. You are a great role model for them.

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  4. I know how, like the measurements, but I need more practice because I take a long time trying to make stuff. I am working on it, though! Great job on your essay! I’m sure you would do great in teaching someone the basics of cooking! 🙂


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