A Story About My Favorite Season (English Class Assignment #25)

Hi people!

I’m going to tell you a story about my favorite time of the year.

My favorite time of the year is summer.  I really enjoy going backpacking with my two brothers, and my Papa.

A few years ago, in August, my Brothers, one of our friends, my Grandpa, Papa and I went on a one week backpacking trip to a place called Angels Staircase.

The first day, we hiked about six miles to a campsite called Upper Eagle Lake.  It was beautiful!  On the opposite side of the lake from us, there was a mountain, where we could hear the hoary marmots whistling to each other. We set up camp, tried to catch some fish, and made a campfire.

After we made our Mac-n-Cheese dinner on pocket rockets (ultra-light backpacking stoves) and ate the fish that my brother Courage had caught in a small lake near by, we sat around the fire and jabbered for a while.

Then, we crawled into our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

While we were sleeping, it RAINED.  I mean it POURED.  Under the floor of tent that my grandpa, and my dad and I were sharing, a big puddle of water had gathered.  When anybody moved, it felt like we were sleeping on a water bed!

Next morning, we ate our breakfast, and started hiking.

This time, we hiked  over a pass called Horse Head Pass, and down to a place called boiling lake.  This lake had lots of frogs at it.  I saw big school’s of tadpoles swimming around.

The next morning, we climbed up the stair case. It really isn’t a stair case, it is just a bunch of really steep switchbacks going up a tall mountain.  At the top,if its not to cloudy, you can see Mount Rainier. We didn’t see it this time, because it was to cloudy, or something…

The rest of the trip was pretty un-eventful, except that I caught a bunch of fish at a lake that we camped at three days into the trip.

What is your favorite season of the year?  Tell me in the comments box up at the top of the page…(click leave a comment, or, if someone has already left one, it says 1 comment).





10 thoughts on “A Story About My Favorite Season (English Class Assignment #25)

  1. Summer was always my favorite season growing up in Oregon. It was the only time that the sun consistently shone, and I was always hungry for sunshine. Now that I’m older and live in the high desert, I love spring and fall best…because we get around 8 months of sun and summer is downright boiling…100+ degrees almost all summer! But i still love sunshine!


  2. Hi Odessa!
    you did a great job describing it! I felt that I was there doing it too! but my favorite season is spring because everything seems to wake up after a long sleep, and it’s not too hot, and i like when my family and I start our garden!
    (p.s. I like your blog!)


    1. Hi Katie!
      I really like summer ’cause we get to go swimming, backpacking, and all sorts of other stuff!
      But, i like spring a lot too ’cause yeah, everything seems to wake up and be alive and green again.=D


  3. What a great story! I knew you went on a backpacking trip and I heard it had rained a lot but hearing it from your perspective made it come alive! I guess my favorite Season is Spring because it isn’t too hot yet but the sun comes back and I get out into the garden. I hope I see you soon!

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