My house (English class assignment #20)

Hi guys.
I am going to tell you about my house.
So… first, you walk through the door into our mudroom.  Then, if you keep going straight, you will go through a doorway with a bathroom on your left, and a stair case going down to the basement on your right.
If you keep going straight,you’ll land in our kitchen.  Now, keep going straight for a little bit,then turn right into the dinning room/school room.
Next, take another right into the living room. Once you walk through the living room, you’ll come to a hallway.
If you go to the left, you’ll see my parents’ room. If you turn right, you’ll come to the office.  But if you decide to go straight, you’ll be in our second bathroom.
OK, if you were in the bathroom, turn around and walk straight through the living room.   This will take you to a door that goes to the mudroom again.
This time, we’ll go down the stairs to the basement. After you go down the stairs, there is a room on the right that has three of our freezers in it.
Turn right, and you’ll come to the bedroom that my two brothers share.
If you just go straight from the room at the bottom of the stairs, you will go into the big room that my three sisters and I share.
Going back up the stairs, you will be in the mudroom. Walk to the right and you’ll be at the door going outside.



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