What my name means.

Howdy everyone!

I am going to tell you about my name.

My first name is Odessa, and my middle name is Canaan.
Odessa means: long journey.
In the bible, Canaan was the promised land for the children of Israel.

So… my name means long journey to the promised land.

Tell me what your name means in the comments box up at the top of the post.(you have to click the thing that says leave a comment)  =)



12 thoughts on “What my name means.

  1. Very interesting–and cool! My first name, Emilia, means “to excel”, “to strive”, or “rival”. My middle name, Brooke, (which is a little more obvious) means “small stream”. Hmmm. So I suppose my name means a small stream… that excels? Yeah, my name-meaning doesn’t make as much sense as yours! 🙂


  2. Hmmm..my name doesn’t have special meaning like yours does but it does kind of have an interesting story. All my life I never knew any other Mary Ellen except on a TV show once. Then last year I found out that Mary Ellen is a Southern name and that in the South there are a lot of Mary Ellens. Since I lived in the North all my life I never met any other Mary Ellens!


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