A Trip I Took (English Class Assignment 15)

Last summer, there were massive wildfires where I live. Thankfully, my family’s house wasn’t burned down. The fires were only about one mile away from our house though. The smoke was so thick, you could cut it like butter! (Just kidding.) So, my mom, my three sisters and I went out of town to some friend’s house for a week.  My dad and my two brothers stayed home to keep an eye on the house. Our friends live next to a lake, so we had TONS of fun swimming and playing in the water. We also went to an orchard and picked some apples and made a bunch of apple sauce and apple juice. Our friends have a concrete slab to roller-blade on, so we played roller hockey. It was tons of fun! That trip was in August I think.  In November, my mom and I went to the same friend’s house to help them (because the family was expecting a baby). Their oldest daughter Celeste, and I slept up in a tree house that they made! It was super cool! We had lots of fun!  Do you have any fun vacation stories to share?  If you do, please put them in the comments box below.=)




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