Book report of “The Railway Children” English lesson 10


This is a book report for The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit.

I really enjoyed  this book.

The book starts out with the family happily together in their house in London.

Then two men come and take the children’s father away, forcing them to move to the English country side.

They have a house next to the railway called “The Three Chimneys”.

The children figure out what time the trains come by every day.

They even name one “The Green Dragon”. They wave to it almost every day and say,”Send our love to father!” An old gentleman waves back every time they wave to the train.  Later, they rescue the old gentleman’s grandson who fractured his leg inside a train tunnel.

The Children’s mother writes stories for a living, but they are quite poor.

Their Mother does not tell the Children what happened to their father.

Roberta, the oldest child, eventually sees a newspaper that has her father’s name in it. She looks closer and sees that it was a court trial that sentenced  him to a couple years in prison, though he was not really the guilty one.

Father comes home and that is where the book ends.

The end.


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