My english class assignment (The Railway Children)


This is for my English class assignment. I am supposed to wright a one page essay on what I think will happen in the second half of the book The Railway Children By Edith Nesbit.

I think that Roberta (the oldest girl) will figure out pretty soon why her mother is so sad and what happened to her father (he mysteriously went away with some guys).

Peter, might try to get work at the train station that is just down the hill from their house.

Phyllis is just going to keep being the little sister, saying funny stuff.

The Russian guy will probably find his family.

The old man will probably just be someone that is nice to the children.

I think that the three children will still be nice to each other, but probably start getting annoyed at each other easier.











5 thoughts on “My english class assignment (The Railway Children)

  1. DEAR ODESSA I like the “RAILWAY CHILDREN” a lot .good job you make me want to read the book! Have you seen my blog yet? if not i hope you do soon


  2. I haven’t read this book either but you would think I would have since I was an elementary school teacher! I have heard of it for years. I loved hearing about all the characters. You did a good job of forecasting what might happen to each one of them. If Naomi and I lived closer we could do a book study of this book together!


  3. Hmmm…I haven’t read the book, but sounds like you thought out very carefully each character and their relation to each other and the story as a whole. Good job!


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