The great flood

Once, a long time ago, God created Man. He created animals, planets, water, and every thing else you see in nature.
A couple thousand years after God made the earth, there was a Worldwide flood. That is what this true story is about.
Once there was a man named Noah.
He had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.
The world was getting really super wicked, so God looked down from heaven and said, “Those people that I created are getting soo wicked.”
“They are not following me, and they don’t want any thing to do with me.”
So God made up a plan.
“There is one man named Noah that is righteous. I think i will use him in my plan. Everybody else, they are so wicked, I wish i had never made them.
I am going to send a big flood to destroy them all except Noah and his family.”
So God told Noah, “Build a huge ark.
A few of every kind of animal will come and stay in the ark with you and your family.
There is going to be a huge flood that will wipe out all these wicked people.
Water will cover even the tallest mountains.
I will re-establish the world from you and your kids.”
So Noah built the ark, and the animals came just like God had said.
Once all the animals got in the ark,  God closed the door and water started to come out of the ground.  It started to rain. Every mountain top was covered and every valley filled.
Noah and his family were on the ark for almost a year.
Once the ground was dry, God told Noah “Come out of the ark with your
family and the animals.” Noah did, and the animals came out of the
ark. God said, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the face of the
earth.” And that’s why we are here today!


11 thoughts on “The great flood

  1. As you travel north of Riverside WA on Highway 97, along that big bluff on the left there’s a lake. Along the banks you can still find fragments of shells of little creatures that they say can only live in salt water. Salt Water? In the Okanogan Valley you say? How do that happen?


      1. Yes I have been to the fossil place in Republic! It was very interesting. I was there with a school bus load of fourth graders. It was fun. So, how do you think fossils got made?


  2. Love your writing. It’s very clear, precise and follows a good story line. Food for thought that you might or might not already know. All indigenous peoples have their own story of the flood, even to this day. I find that not only amazing, but proof outside of the Bible that the flood really happened. Do you know of any other proofs outside of the Bible that give authentication to your story?


    1. Hi Gramma!
      Thanks for your ideas.
      One of the proofs is huge boulders in the middle of a fields/plains.
      Also, the Grand canyon. That could NOT have just been a little river that flooded=)
      Love Ya’


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